Angelfall review

by Susan Ee

I give this book a 5/5 star
Wow! I just finished this book just now and I literally don't find any word to describe my feeling.
It totally just blow my mind!! It's hard to get myself back to the reality from the world full of charming angels. I love the characters so damn much. The characters were really pfffff! Penryn was one of my favourite female character and Raffe!!stop being so perfect! I have my own world.
I got a bunch of new vocabs in this novel as I am not English myself. The way Susan described the action scene was perfect. The dialogues were hilarious and captivating . It kept me laugh so hard sometime. The ending was epic and my jaw totally drop, suspense of what will be happened next. I really had no idea at all and don't know what to expect as my mind had really dive into the action did not give me a single time to predict at all.
 I really x 100000 recommended this book to EVERYONE. mm not everyone but u should!!! definitely go and grab this book.
Love <3