Me Before You

Me Before You
by Jojo Moyes

So I recently found out that my absolute favourite actor had a new movie that will coming out in the 3rd of June (if I'm not mistaken)
I have been always looking forward for Sam Claflin movies. I love every single character that he played in movies and always got my special attention not concern he was carrying a good or bad characters.

Me Before You was a story about Lou Clark who had been hired to take care a disabled man named Will Traynor. Will traynor was a quad. He was paralysed after been involved in a motorcycle accident that had completely shut off his future and dreams. He decided to give chance for his life for another six months. But it turned out that the six months that he had was the best six months in his entire life and Lou Clark had a new task to change his mind.

I give this book a 5/5 star
I really love this book. It started rather slowly at the beginning but it did not turned me off at all. The character development was fantastic as I thought like I really knew them in my real life. The writing was beautiful that made the story felt real. I felt like I was the one there that had been witnessing the whole story in uk.

I love how determined Lou to change Will's mind. She was a hardworking worker.She even did some homework to make some stuffs really going well with Will. It was a very heartbreaking storyyyy. Wills' words and dialogue were just ahhhhhh! I can't stand it anymore! Escpecially the moment Lou discovered Will's decision! and he will not ever change his mind! I already cry a river when I reached through the halfway of the book as I expected what will happened next. My feeling was totally immersed with sad and tears was just kept streaming like it won't  ever stop. And when the most emotional moment came I just can't hold my sob anymore and just cry a river and my pillow was soaked. My eyes were swollen red like a girl-who-had-just-broke-up and that moment obviously was the ending of the book of course. you are not a human if you don't shed even a single tear at the end. I was so touched when I started reading Will's last letter+will+wishes to Lou. It was so heartbreaking when u read someone else last words to you knowing they will never came back in your life.

I just can't wait for the movie to release! Me Before You staring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke

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I really want all of the readers out there please read this book! it was amazing!