My Ultimate Favourite Breakfast

Bread Egg!

 What do u like having for your breakfast?
My answer will always be the bread egg!
it was as easy as cake! Believe me it made me really full by just having two slices of bread an an egg.
Rich of nutrition I thought. Maybe?? caloeries?  But it will always promise u a tasty taste and full stomach. This bread egg had never diassapointed my morning. Recommend it for tea time too. Oh! I eat them during the tea time . It was a bit weird..

Ing: two slices of bread, an eg, salt, blackpepper
1. Apply butter evenly on both slices of bread
2. whisk the egg with a mixture of salt, blackpepper
3. Immersed the bread into the mixture egg
4. Heat the pan and put a little butter as trade of oil
5. Put the bread in the pan until it cooks!
p/s : I sometimes add some seasoning too

It was simple right??? It was also a healthy diet to start your day full will energetizeeee body!