Stolen by Lucy Christopher review

by Lucy Christopher

My rating : 1/5 star
 Stolen was a letter of a victim named Gemma to her kidnapper named Ty. She was kidnapped at Bangkok airport when she was drugged by Ty who treated her a coffee.She was being dragged to Australia. She was kept in isolated desert place where she can never beeing escaped. Gemma was untied and never been locked but she still trapped in Ty world. Ty however had never hurt her and always try to make her comfortable staying with him. But Ty had personal reason why she kept Gemma for a long time. And for out of reason Gemma had an emotional bonding toward her own kidnapper.

I picked this book because of some  random recommendations that i heard. I was captivated to read it when i heard the surface of the story about. I mean a victim falling with her own kidnapper is something interesting right? i did not expect high for this book because i rarely heard people mentioning it but i still try to believe that this book will become a part of my heart before i read it. But i was dissapointed by it.

These were the reasons. The beginning of the story was captivating but as the plot went on it kept too dragging. The middle plot was zero. I can't find something that was nearly important enough. It was just meaningless words telling about a life of two people surviving their life in the desserted land. it was always about Gemma trying to escape but end up hurting herself and Ty came to rescue her
It was far away from my expectation. I skipped the unimportant events mostly but kept continue reading it as i was eager and curious to know the end. The climax started at the ending of the story and it just suddenly shut off the whole story. I don't know if there was a sequel of the book but i definitely will not picking up that book ever! That was the worst ending ever. It made the whole story worthless. Im so sorry but i felt i had wasted my time over this story. It really not my thing.
I literally did not enjoy it at all.
It was a contemporary novel that maybe some other people out there may like. I got a bunch of new things learning from this book. Hoping for other improvement from the author!
Love <3