Twilight book review

Look at my blog template and look at this post..Hahah!!
Who doesn't know about this book?? Where did you live then? under a rock??
Just looking at the way I ask u, u probably know what its mean
Yes u are right I am a twilight fangirl.
I am becoming obsess with this series since the first time I watched the movie.
So twilight was about a girl names Bella Swan who was falling in love with Edward Cullen who was turned out that he was a vampire. Well I don't have to described full about the story coz I know millions of people had already familiar with this cheesy lovey-dovey story.

I was very excited to write a review about this book.
I give this book a 5/5 star!
I read this book when I was in high school and sometimes I still reread this book.
One of the things that hook me with the story was the way Stephenie Meyer potrayed the characters.
Edward Cullen had always be my most romantic fictional boyfriend of all time! don't judge me! I can't help myself. When I was reading the book I kept imagined how perfect and charming he was.
The stories went very well and easy read. I like Bella in this book but I like her better in the movie than in this book because she seemed tougher in the movie.

Of course there were a lot of changing plots and events in the movie but they doesn't changed my interest in this story at all.I still love both the movie and the book. Robert played the character perfectly as Edward and Kristen as well.  I  love how Edward and Bella started to grow feeling toward each other. I really really like the way Edward treated Bella! He cared her in a very gentleman kind of way! I love the blood test scene.i find it very cute because Bella was a blood freak while Edward had to stay away from blood as he can. Do u get what I wanted to say? I don't know why I find it cute maybe because they like complete each other freakness?? what did I just say??

One of the scenes that I like was the part when Edward always knew where Bella put the keys and he always knew what  she did mostly at night.Well that was because he was a stalker!
Bella was a very lucky girl I guess and most girl will always fantasized of having Edward as theirs.Well, not all girl. I know this book had also got negative comments from citizens but chillax okay this was only a fantasy story that will never ever happened no! not even exist in this world.
But I still understand for those who did not like it. I don't hate u.
I highly recommended this book to those who love to read fantasy-paranormal-romance book which will provide u with a dream charming vampire.
Love <3