Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

first john green book i had ever read, and still confused wether i wanna give his other books a try.
i read this when i was in high school and i did not had any idea that this book was actually quiet popular. why? because of the story did not match the hyped level where it suppose to. well, the beginning was good, it managed to hook me as suspense filled me up until 'the day' . it was quiet boring and meaningless. the most shocking thing was when the outcome and the reason of 'the day' had revealed. my reaction towards it was 'what the hell?' thats it? for all the time i had been spending this was what i got? it did not make sense. but one compliment i wanna say is i love his writing style.

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Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

Archer's VoiceArcher's Voice by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How many hours had i spent to read this book? i did not know
but it is a good book but far away to even compare with maybe someday
coz it is kind of predictable and maybe a bit cliches with other contemporaries .
i am wondering why did archer and bree always seem like they had never met for like forever when actually they they were just been away for less than 30 minutes like a fresh new couple over and over again. like they had not seen each other enough. did they did not get boring or what?
oh i have no idea how many times i rolled my eyes over and over again at the cliche opening of the book. girls drop their things and suddenly a random guy tend to help her and suddenly unconditionally clichelly lock their gaze, girl cannot forget or whatsoever and try to approach him. and found out he is that kind of isolated bizarre guy in the town, girl try to be friend. end.
but its good just cliche enough.

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Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this book!! this book!!!
OH MY GOD!!!! holy shit!!
Colleen Hoover!! what have you just done to me?????????????
Someone please wake me up from this fantasy!!!
Is this real???? Please make it a movie
recommend to girls. read this book!
okay...calm down..take a breath..relax..
i have never felt so much love before. i completely drown with Sydney and Ridge story.
And, oh, it will be so wrong if Ridge ever exist in this current world because there is no man as perfect as him. I have always been wondering how can someone says he loves a girl while he can unintentionally split his heart into two and gives it to other girl that he is not in a relationship with. Which also means how can a guy loves two persons in a time? It is not love. Because it is wrong. But this book prooves me wrong. I can totally feel the way they feel, the way they love each other, the way they hurt, the pain, their hearts, their songs. All of it.

I love the characters developments so much. I love all the characters except Tory and Hunter! I hope I will be surround by such people. ( But i am kind of freak out being near Warren. but he is my favourite character ever! so hillarious. never fail to bring me laugh! ). Both of the main characters are kind of quiet young but yet so mature. They deal with the situation quiet well although they seem to make mistakes . But then you realizes that actually the mistake itself that will bring you where you have to be. The mistake will right the wrong. But the most emotional part is when you finally realizes that the mistake you creates will actually lead you to the most exquisite ending ever. I feel like I am being in the story. Like i am a part of it even though I do not play any specific role. You know the feel when you are witneesing a story like it happenned right under your nose but it's not. it's fictional. totally.

I experienced something i have never experience before. feeling that i have yet never discover. characters that i have never being introduce. story that is so pure and innocent. i tell you i am a person who kind of not into that contemporary much. i find adventure and fantasy are a lot better although they do not make sense at all. but this book just gave me the same journey as i am in fantasy book. the same ride of roller-coaster. okay stop writing .

Being the first coolen hoover book i decided to explore her book more! i am just wondering if this story really happen to her. it feels like she wrote something real right through heart.
and i did cried as everyone because i don't know what are you if you didn't. if i can really erase my memory then i will just to feel the felling that the book just gave me.

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FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So let's talk about this while I am currently in the mood of reading romance contemporary.
If you are about to enter first year in college and have some sort of fangirling inside especially when you are so fond about Harry Potter, then this book is perfectly fit for you.
I read this book earlier this year because of the hyped-up especially among the booktubers that I trusted. It was not very surprising when you find out that this book had becoming among the most favourites book among book-lovers. Well, my thoughts are...this book is not something that will offering you a mind-blowing story , but it offers you something that keep you warm and cozy inside instead. Perfect if you read this in spring, sitting on you lazy grandpa chair while its raining ourside the window while having a hot tea. But, im telling you I am not doing this thing.

It was about a pathetic girl name Cath who was about to enter the college first year without her identical twin sister becoming her roomate which means she had to survive as a freshie herself.
She had this fangirl about Simon Snow ( which you can refer as the gay Harry Potter in Cath world ), and she wrote fanfiction about it. I wanna say that she was a kind of a freak out girl and you will find out why if you read this book. Many events occured especially when she met this Starbuck guy called Levi and you probably know what will happend next. Being a girl, I love Levi as much as I hope that he is really exist in this world. How lucky you Cath. Oh, I forgot that Cath is fictional too.
WARNING : Don't read the fanficiton. It will waste your time. Trust me.

For me, this story is so pure, sweet and innocent. Don't even freak out if I say that even there were guys out there whom love this book more than myself. Yeah, it was contemporary and you know how contemporary stories are. I can translate that with contemporary has almost plain and flat plot.
But so far, this book is okay though, it is not bad and not that brilliant either. It is okay and good. Maybe you can find yourself totally immerse with this story as others as well so give it a try.
Oh, and if you had already read this don't forget to check out Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. ( Something about Simon Snow but in our world ) I believed that Carry On is a kind of good book too.

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book ThiefThe Book Thief by Markus Zusak

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

WARNING: grammar-typo-whatever errors everywhere! ignore! not in the right mind!

So....that was it..the book thief.
I don't know what is the hyped about. Why I feel like I am the only one who did not like this book in this world. why? Was it because I don't understand what Markus wanna tell about? It is just a story of a book thief! It is just a story and just a story! The only thing that I love about is the drawings in the book. I got excited, and always looking forward for the sketchings and when that times came I will be smiling like a kid reading a cartoon comic. I tried hard and pushed myself to like it but no. I failed. At least I got to finish this book because I bought it and it cost a fortune! Oh, let me tell you this. I just surveying books in the bookstore and I found this book and it turned out to be the last book in the bookstore, so , of course I have to buy it but then the price tag is not the same as the price tag pasted on the book which cost a lot more money to pay. But I still determined to buy it but...I got dissapointment!

hmmm let me think what to write..took me a few days to write this review
1. i got to learn about germans street, life and culture set in world war II. and even some of their foul languages . may be help me to curse without anybody who don't read around me notice that i am actually cursing.
2. i got lost track from the story. okay it was so slow like really really slowww. of course i got distraction.
3. when i lost from the original track, i lost my interest towards the plot itself.
4. no emotion at all. i didn't get it why so many people cry for this book almost for everything happened throughout the entire book. am i the only one who didn't feel anything at all. like hell nothing happened? i just dont get it. why???
5. marcus, u are so great at decribing the details. seriously. sometimes it was too beauty made me to skip all the beauties written. (sorry no hard-feeling). but it is beauty really.
6. character development? yeah i can say that was a great achievement so far.
7. sometimes there were just useless events that should not be included in the book. something that its totally all right if u just skip that or whatsoever happening, stealing, running,cursing.
8. it really changed your life?? whhhat?
9. it did not caught my special attention.
10. yeah i like the characters ..but just enough to continue
11. regret?? mmm sadly yeah..
10. consider to reread..y? because maybe i will find the true beauty for the second time reading. yes but not this soon.
mmm ..mmmm..this had placed me into reading slump! gahh!

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No Title guys


source : google
(gahh!! I wish I have them!)

Ok. So I don’t know why i start to write or type this particularly. I just feel the urge to write. Anything. But funnily I don’t know what words or story I wanna tell. Maybe about ghosts ( things that i have never experience before ), or perhaps about life, I still don’t have a single idea what is the meaning of life. Why do I live? Ok. So let’s forget about that. How about my childhood life?
When I was a child, ( about 9-10 years ) I hope I did not mistaken the ages. It was a long time ago. My father ( papa ) love to spend my time in the library as we did not know what to do in afternoon sometimes. So, let me tell you , I had 3 library cards. It was insane right? One belonged to me, the other two belonged to my brothers ( which they never lay a finger on that things , they probably did not know that papa assigned their names to that things ). One cards offered you to lend 3 books each week. So, me with my obsession borrowed 9 books a week. Yes 9 books. I don’t know if you impress with that or not but when I recalled to that time now, I was quiet proud of myself. All of them were mostly about crime investigation-detective-mystery sort of things. Oh, and one more thing all of them were in Malays. I did not develop the interest of English reading material as I did now.
I was thinking too how can the librarians approved my large sum of books using 3 library cards when the two owners were not present. Okay , perhaps because they were good friends of papa. I went home reading books and I kind of pissed off my brothers when I started to read loudly. You know..kid does that. I love to read so much that I read my older brothers Malay literature books directed to 14,15 and 16 years-old literature books when I was 9 years-old. Once again, I was humilitatedly impressed with myself because my older brothers never finish their schools literature books. Boysszz..
So, jump in when I was 11-12 years-old I moved to the outskirts of town. But it was almost as busy as town nowadays. Me and papa never go to the library again. First, we got new home and papa was crazy busy with his projects planting plants and so on, you know things that old papas do when they got soil and hoe. Second, I transfered to new school and got to deal with lots of tuitions as I had a big exam when I was 12. Third, I had never see that library cards ever again , perhaps misplaced when we moved somewhere or got throwed by mama. Three major reasons. So what did I do?? I borrowed my classmates books. I read them doing class while the teachers were bubling because how can I find free time? Well, I know you all must do that a lot too keeping your books down in the table drawer keep your teachers wild eyes off them and started reading like hell nothing happened in the class. Luckily I never got caught by them. Someimes I sneaked out the books from the libarary too such ass Enid Blyton animal stories, you don’t have any idea how obsessed I was with Nancy Drew too at that time. I was a naughty-pretty good students because I had never failed to complete my homeworks but I never did them in home I did them in class or school whenever I got free times. Yeah, I was the first student to arrive at school around 6,45 am. Well, I was an excellent student back then, got highest marks and great results. (grossly impressed myself, but I can say that I am a big-ass-lazy-dont-care-what-ever-student right now) 
Then I studied in boarding school, that was when I started to read real YA English books. Because surrounded by excellent students exposed you to wide range of thoughts and books opinions. ( what the hell that i am saying? ) To keep it short, my roomates had a collection of English books. So, you know what I did. The school library totally sucks!! But although being a librarian myself in high school did not keep me from sneaking out books from the school library. One of them was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I missed to do that again if I have the chance.
So  now I just ended my school year, graduated and so on and looking forward to college applications. So I deal with it by reading online stories wattpad and ebooks coz I don’t have money!! I hope I have that fucking fortune. My biggest dream is to have a spacious library room full of books, their smells and drown by their touch. Papa will never spend money in books. He said you can get them in library for free. Oh, please do you know that I fucking hate the library that I used to be when I was a child?? Why?? Because it was totally outdated! They never being updated and full of boring books that I had already read when I was a child. Godd...I was envied with those who got money. Being a teenager myself I still can’t ask my parents a single penny to spend for my own things unless I am shopping with my mom. You know mom got pretty obsessed with beauty products as I do. And I am the one who exposed her about variety of cosmetics. Well, I was the only daughter in house. gggrrr..fhjrhfjrfr..Before I ended up with other different boring stuffs happened in my lifelet me ended my story with books here. 


The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

wooowww...i love it. this was a great retelling of thousand and one night.
i love the world development in this novel. got a bunch of knowledge as well.
as for the characters. of course i love khalid and shazi. their romance was just perfect.
for tariq i kind of like him at first but it just didnt happen when i thought that he became greedy of wanted shazi. i undertand his love but can u please accept that shazi had already fell in love with khalid, tariq??
the magical aspect in this book need more improvement as it did not really captivate me enough. it just pop out nowhere in any moment..
the story of tariq and the gang were just not entertained me enough. i kinda felt bored towards them.
jalal and desmina?? i love them!
that ending..arghh..
i can't wait to lay my fingers on the roses and the dagger!

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The StepmotherThe Stepmother by Simon Tolkien

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

ohhh..i don't like this book..please
it did not surprised me at all..obviously the murderer had been told at the cover of the book.
i expect that the different murderer will show up at the end but...it's not
it's the same one that had been in the court from the beginning of the book.
the plot was not surprising seriously, nothing that will make your mind curious or mind blow as every criminal novel should be.
it was just a boring scene at court and the prosecutor asking the same question of the same situation to different witness and arguing scene of a confident lawyer who tought he could win the case ( as mentioned in the novel he was one of the best criminal or whatsoever lawyer) by telling the wittnesses that they lied and y did u lied and whatever although shamed of him they did not lied at all but his client who had been lying to him.
it was a boring crime investigation case and the detectives did not do their work well. and all the work had been passed to the small boy to find the evidences himself that i don't find them as the solid proof of evidences at all. it was just a normal investigation that u will find in any police station. the mom got charged but she denied all of the statements and at the end of the trial going mad at his husband talking about what she had did to him and shouting causing chaos at the court put all the reporters busying their hands making the reports at their notepads.
i did not like the character but that i suppose that u don't have to like characters of criminal novel right.
in this novel we will be introduced with the most stupid father/ man / minister ( how can he be a minister if he was so stupid?) that had been blind by his PA.
the annoying 16-year-old son called thomas and i did not like that name who trying to convince everyone in this entire universe that his stepmother was responsible for his mother's dead.
amd at the end they got justice.
please guys don't read this book . i am so sorry to say that this book was badly written with a poor plot. it shows that the author need lots of imagination practice.

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Crystal Kingdom (Kanin Chronicles, #3)Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

wow! this book had one of the emotional ending ever!
it was so cruel..so many favourite characters died!
how can you do this. i almost cried. almost. and i tried hard to hold it.
the ending was epic! the war, blood, death, refugees and so on.
it was my one of the best closing trilogy. I had no idea that the plot-twist will turned out into something like this. Amanda Hocking is brilliant. I love the romance development here better than the first book. Bryn was a matured and an independent girl, not the annoying type of typical girl you often met in other books. I love how she managed to deal with all the problems and situations happened. Ridley? He was just trying to be helpful i guess.
many sacrifices had been made to make the right thing happen.

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These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1)These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was not something i expected it to be.
shamed to say i was quiet dissapointed with this book. like..
at first i got excited coz yeah..the setting was at the universe and it was like the first universe galaxy kinda book i have ever read.
i don't love the character but i don't hate it though.
Lilac was a very annoying princess type of girl and tarver was the type of man who demands to know everything although he did not. goddd..both of them were freaking idiot otp and pissed me off sometimes
i don't like the romance in this story . maybe it was too cliche? a high rank tough young handsome major fell in love with the richest famous exquisite girl in the universe who happened to be the ONLY daughter of the mightiest richiest engineer with no mother and were forbid to fall in love or u will probably know what the cliche power hunger father will do. i got boring with this forbidden love already pleasee.
the ending was the worst! please i am not a scientist amie..
what was the dimension-rift-life- or whatsoever. i was totally blessingly blurrrrred!
i did not feel even the tiniest single bacteria of sad at all at the death of lilac because obviouly there were the only characters exist in the planet and tarver was too idiot to survive himself.
the romance itself did not catched my attention at all
and the most ludicrous part was the reborn of the lilac oh godd pleasee..what was that?
u have to do the rising of lilac better than this one.
and yet they do the same idiot mistake twice like ..no this was not the same lilac..and lilac will love him and take care of him better than me the lilac clone. (it was like a clone + the same memory woow)
fuhh..relieved i got them all in words here!

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