FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So let's talk about this while I am currently in the mood of reading romance contemporary.
If you are about to enter first year in college and have some sort of fangirling inside especially when you are so fond about Harry Potter, then this book is perfectly fit for you.
I read this book earlier this year because of the hyped-up especially among the booktubers that I trusted. It was not very surprising when you find out that this book had becoming among the most favourites book among book-lovers. Well, my thoughts are...this book is not something that will offering you a mind-blowing story , but it offers you something that keep you warm and cozy inside instead. Perfect if you read this in spring, sitting on you lazy grandpa chair while its raining ourside the window while having a hot tea. But, im telling you I am not doing this thing.

It was about a pathetic girl name Cath who was about to enter the college first year without her identical twin sister becoming her roomate which means she had to survive as a freshie herself.
She had this fangirl about Simon Snow ( which you can refer as the gay Harry Potter in Cath world ), and she wrote fanfiction about it. I wanna say that she was a kind of a freak out girl and you will find out why if you read this book. Many events occured especially when she met this Starbuck guy called Levi and you probably know what will happend next. Being a girl, I love Levi as much as I hope that he is really exist in this world. How lucky you Cath. Oh, I forgot that Cath is fictional too.
WARNING : Don't read the fanficiton. It will waste your time. Trust me.

For me, this story is so pure, sweet and innocent. Don't even freak out if I say that even there were guys out there whom love this book more than myself. Yeah, it was contemporary and you know how contemporary stories are. I can translate that with contemporary has almost plain and flat plot.
But so far, this book is okay though, it is not bad and not that brilliant either. It is okay and good. Maybe you can find yourself totally immerse with this story as others as well so give it a try.
Oh, and if you had already read this don't forget to check out Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. ( Something about Simon Snow but in our world ) I believed that Carry On is a kind of good book too.

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