Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

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this book!! this book!!!
OH MY GOD!!!! holy shit!!
Colleen Hoover!! what have you just done to me?????????????
Someone please wake me up from this fantasy!!!
Is this real???? Please make it a movie
recommend to girls. read this book!
okay...calm down..take a breath..relax..
i have never felt so much love before. i completely drown with Sydney and Ridge story.
And, oh, it will be so wrong if Ridge ever exist in this current world because there is no man as perfect as him. I have always been wondering how can someone says he loves a girl while he can unintentionally split his heart into two and gives it to other girl that he is not in a relationship with. Which also means how can a guy loves two persons in a time? It is not love. Because it is wrong. But this book prooves me wrong. I can totally feel the way they feel, the way they love each other, the way they hurt, the pain, their hearts, their songs. All of it.

I love the characters developments so much. I love all the characters except Tory and Hunter! I hope I will be surround by such people. ( But i am kind of freak out being near Warren. but he is my favourite character ever! so hillarious. never fail to bring me laugh! ). Both of the main characters are kind of quiet young but yet so mature. They deal with the situation quiet well although they seem to make mistakes . But then you realizes that actually the mistake itself that will bring you where you have to be. The mistake will right the wrong. But the most emotional part is when you finally realizes that the mistake you creates will actually lead you to the most exquisite ending ever. I feel like I am being in the story. Like i am a part of it even though I do not play any specific role. You know the feel when you are witneesing a story like it happenned right under your nose but it's not. it's fictional. totally.

I experienced something i have never experience before. feeling that i have yet never discover. characters that i have never being introduce. story that is so pure and innocent. i tell you i am a person who kind of not into that contemporary much. i find adventure and fantasy are a lot better although they do not make sense at all. but this book just gave me the same journey as i am in fantasy book. the same ride of roller-coaster. okay stop writing .

Being the first coolen hoover book i decided to explore her book more! i am just wondering if this story really happen to her. it feels like she wrote something real right through heart.
and i did cried as everyone because i don't know what are you if you didn't. if i can really erase my memory then i will just to feel the felling that the book just gave me.

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