The StepmotherThe Stepmother by Simon Tolkien

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

ohhh..i don't like this book..please
it did not surprised me at all..obviously the murderer had been told at the cover of the book.
i expect that the different murderer will show up at the end but...it's not
it's the same one that had been in the court from the beginning of the book.
the plot was not surprising seriously, nothing that will make your mind curious or mind blow as every criminal novel should be.
it was just a boring scene at court and the prosecutor asking the same question of the same situation to different witness and arguing scene of a confident lawyer who tought he could win the case ( as mentioned in the novel he was one of the best criminal or whatsoever lawyer) by telling the wittnesses that they lied and y did u lied and whatever although shamed of him they did not lied at all but his client who had been lying to him.
it was a boring crime investigation case and the detectives did not do their work well. and all the work had been passed to the small boy to find the evidences himself that i don't find them as the solid proof of evidences at all. it was just a normal investigation that u will find in any police station. the mom got charged but she denied all of the statements and at the end of the trial going mad at his husband talking about what she had did to him and shouting causing chaos at the court put all the reporters busying their hands making the reports at their notepads.
i did not like the character but that i suppose that u don't have to like characters of criminal novel right.
in this novel we will be introduced with the most stupid father/ man / minister ( how can he be a minister if he was so stupid?) that had been blind by his PA.
the annoying 16-year-old son called thomas and i did not like that name who trying to convince everyone in this entire universe that his stepmother was responsible for his mother's dead.
amd at the end they got justice.
please guys don't read this book . i am so sorry to say that this book was badly written with a poor plot. it shows that the author need lots of imagination practice.

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