These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1)These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was not something i expected it to be.
shamed to say i was quiet dissapointed with this book. like..
at first i got excited coz yeah..the setting was at the universe and it was like the first universe galaxy kinda book i have ever read.
i don't love the character but i don't hate it though.
Lilac was a very annoying princess type of girl and tarver was the type of man who demands to know everything although he did not. goddd..both of them were freaking idiot otp and pissed me off sometimes
i don't like the romance in this story . maybe it was too cliche? a high rank tough young handsome major fell in love with the richest famous exquisite girl in the universe who happened to be the ONLY daughter of the mightiest richiest engineer with no mother and were forbid to fall in love or u will probably know what the cliche power hunger father will do. i got boring with this forbidden love already pleasee.
the ending was the worst! please i am not a scientist amie..
what was the dimension-rift-life- or whatsoever. i was totally blessingly blurrrrred!
i did not feel even the tiniest single bacteria of sad at all at the death of lilac because obviouly there were the only characters exist in the planet and tarver was too idiot to survive himself.
the romance itself did not catched my attention at all
and the most ludicrous part was the reborn of the lilac oh godd pleasee..what was that?
u have to do the rising of lilac better than this one.
and yet they do the same idiot mistake twice like ..no this was not the same lilac..and lilac will love him and take care of him better than me the lilac clone. (it was like a clone + the same memory woow)
fuhh..relieved i got them all in words here!

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