The Summer I turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I've never felt the real summer in other countries before, other than swimming and beach stuffs. But this book really give me the taste. It's like I'm on a vacation with real lovely families , not to include the hottiestssss.. I love the bonding of the characters as friends and famililes. This book really give me the joy and it is a light story if you are not in the mood of dealing with heavy and serious stuffs. I believe this is the first book of the trilogy but I don't find myself of having the confidence to continue the trilogy because of the love-triangle that is going on especially when it will mess up the siblings bonding because I'm pretty much sure that it will left me with brokenheart! I know it because I love all of the characters so I don't want to experience all of the characters' heart-wrenching feeling.
i felt like i am experiencing summer teen-stuffs, going party and just swimming like i have all time in my life. apparently, i am still here, with country of two seasons. going party which i have never experience, and night swimming where i dont even have the skill of.
it was fun. it manage to escape me from the real fuck up life.
i love the humours and the conflict occured. this story seem logical , felt like i was reading someone's diary. it was warm, perfect for summer reading or i may say you will feel like summer although it's winter.
do guy actually having their period but in their own way? this book make me believe so.
its funny, happy, and sad with perfect time frame.
I recommend this book for those who in need of the mood of contemporary!

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