Ugly LoveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Third Colleen Hoover book and i dare say i did not dissapointed at all reading this!!
it was so good. how can a writer wrote every books with so much different feelings accompany with fresh plots within each story?? i love the characters especially Corbin. he did not play a crucial role for most of the part of the story but i will be more than glad if i ever had a protective brother like that.looking the way he treated Tate ( weird name )
i did not have any doubt that he will be such a perfect guy when he find the right person which was ashamed , not yet.
Wiles Mikel Archer. Wow. A great name. But a stupid character though. He pissed me off like any other male-characters ever did to me. So stupid! oh god.. i cant deal with this guy. He had this some sort of a disease or disorder that need to be fix immediately. go approach a physiarist you asshole.
what's wrong with this guy. i was more than sure that he probably had a strange disorder. and like R from the warm bodies , his strange disorder ( i might say ) was treated by the fucking love from this random girl.
But i love the idea from this book although the plot twist kind of cliche and not so mind blowing as i expected it to be. but i truly enjoyed through the entire book. CoHo really know how to write a story . Sometimes there were other stories that were kind a sort of almost similar to this but it feels really different when you read her words. Her styles of writing will never failed to capture the special attention in my heart. you know it feels too deep to feel like it can't going to be any deeper just by her words.Really really love her works. Looking forward to read her other books!

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