Unravel Me by Taherah Mafi

Unravel Me (Shatter Me, #2)Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

first of all. i have no idea how people when they grow older they become more idiot.
and i met the people just now. she is so selfish and childish and pampered little kid that need somebody else to take care of her shits. she repeated her mistakes over and over again. she act like a crying baby. always care about her feelings, ungrateful for her damn power, bring up mistakes, doing nothing and just let the time brought it together. being so pathetic and yet there's awesomely two 'amazing' guys with 'amazing' powers fell for her. care for her. i guess there's not much girl in their current world. they seemed too desperately in need for her like she is their basic needs and their next breath. i am totally and angrily shock that all of the characters were still giving her chance and time dealing with her 'mental constipation'. she was like the magnet of all the mental illness existed.
how can they be so calm with her? i was so annoyed that i hope that i can just abruptly jump right in front of her and slap her 'princess-face', leaving red marks, scratches, scars, bruise all over her 'sexy' body. i dont give a shit about her touch that can paralysed me. it seems worth it. and then no one will ever dare to treat her 'pity' little body and let her dying alone,decaying like in the asylum herself. then, when darkness envelope her, she can happily fly away like the white bird, dream come true at the end. so, i will be the main hero in this novel. and the characters will thank the hell out of me for forfeiting their biggest shit.
yeah. who else is that. was there any main female characters exist in this story? hell. no.

adam. i wish you death already. but you are not. you are just as pathetic as your 'lovey-weak-girlfriend', afraid of dying but ashamed for life. no. that's supposed to be juliete too. whatever.
i am so pity at you because you are living your entire life pouring heart to your little former classsmates. you cant be a good spouse you know because every talks you were having with her seemed to have no end, no conclusion, no results except for presenting daily afternoon,morning,night dramas for the entire omega point. i know enough that there's no entertainment there but your shows were actually overeacting, lack of skills to bring out people enjoyment. instead they get to see a love-sick sappy/not sappy, immature dramas in the dining hall, in the corridor and wherever. hey you guys need new director, i suggest you pick kenji. you cast yourselves and acted yourselves. hey dramas are actually not as easy as you guys 'fake romeo' and juliette as it seems to be.

kenji..! you are my bae. you lighten the world dude.
warner. aaron warner. oh my honey warner. just dont affected with juliete and 'fake romeo'/adam story dont you. they make me sick.

fuh.! that's it. the beginning is quiet too slow for me. full of juilete selfish-lonely-no-one-care-about-me pathetic thoughts. but there are two characters that act as the enzyme for me to finish it.
and yeah i finished it. and should i read fracture me? it's adam pov right? and that makes me dont wanna touch the words. i hope sappy juliette will really turn 17 next book. i guess this book stated the age wrong. she seemed like 9.

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