Wait For You by J.L Ermentrout

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)Wait for You by J. Lynn

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im gigling. im gigling. fangirling.
oh my god. who's going to create a machine where the fictional boyfriend will come out life?
i want that. like right fucking now. my soul is full of jealousy right now.
he is..i dont know..charming , and sweet and romantic and what is going on with cookies and eggs??
they seem dirty. oh fuck you cam. you turned me into a pervert. forgive me for being harsh.

Okay so, that is really a very bad introduction indeed.
i love the novel.its okay.I have to remind myself that this is the 'romance contemporary' type/genre of book, so the plot must be pretty much the same as other contemporaries. You know, the cliche part of introduction where the female accidentally bumped into the charming boy which turned out to be the most chasing-boy-of-every-girls-in-college with angelic face and perfect body. But I don't wanna blame the author for that because every readers especially the girls want that kind of visual imagination play out in their mind.

I like the characters but I am not in love with them. First we have Cameron! Cam is fantasy. He have a turtle pet and that add my wishlist of having the turtle as my pet. It is so freaking cute and he loves baking...cookies?? as I mention above it's kinda left you with something 'dirty' .

“I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."

I won't see cookies as the same anymore. Then,we have Avery with dark secrets being her shadow. She drag herself faraway from her origin in hope to get away from it, but it is not that simple as she sometimes gets emails and calls that have been hunting her. Then, you know how the story will turn out. It's kinda predictable, so that's why I give it 3 stars. It is enjoyable and keeps you company.

“You are really…”
“Amazing? Awesome?” He paused, brows raised. “Astonishing?”
“I was going to go with bizarre.”
“Well, hell, if I had feelings that might actually hurt.”  

Oh My. He is so adorable!!

But one thing about Cam that i hate  when cam just walked out from avery the moment he knew she hide something and not going to tell him. what the hell? you should be with her dude. not walked away. its like the wildest dream of her life and you should support her and knowing she is not ready yet. she's a woman. not a fucking heartless robot! i was mad at him! but i like him. it just the reason for him to walk away didn't make sense to me. he should be more gentle at least in dealing with her shits.

Check out this book. It is my second bookof J.L.Ermentrout. Did I spell that right? This book is a series of Wait For You series but you can read it  as a standalone as the other books are just connected and have links with the characters towards each other.

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