Book Review : The Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman
by Paullina Simons

Genre : Historical Fiction, Romance, Adult
Series : The Bronze Horseman #1
Goodreads Rating : 4.36
My rating : 

During the summer of 1941 the Metanov family are living a hard life in Leningrad. As the German armies advance their future looks bleak. For Tatiana, love arrives in the guise of Alexander, who harbours a deadly and extraordinary secret.
A historical fiction novel, casting a soldier and a young teenage girl finding a way to make their love works. I see this book cover everywhere, in youtube, goodreads, friends recommendation, blog and it is just floating everywhere in the internet booktube community. I know somehow that I should give it a try because it is a historical fiction romance! Plus, plus, plus I have been longing to find a book feature a romance between a soldier and a young girl and this book just happens to offer all of the requested need.

I was pretty excited in the beginning. I love Tatiana relationship with her family, how she treated them lovingly, how much her affection towards his twin brother but I hate her family. Her family just somehow didn't care about her feelings at all and didn't find her being usefull for the family. But she just find that didn't matter! I was pissed! If we were switching shoes, I would rather run away and living my life alone rather than living with ungrateful family.

Then came Alexander. Okay I am being honest here that I was swooning like reallllly swoon the first meeting with him. I like him instantly. But that just didn't last long after I knew that there's something going on between Alexander and Tatiana's older sister! At first, I can still deal with it but after repeatition over and over again I can't continue it anymore. I started to think that Alexander was such a freak guy for not clearing himself of the romance.

Tatiana is not a great character either. She made such a stupid dumb action by leaving her house in purpose of searching her twin brother. She knew she didn't have much hope and she was just a weak girl but she still resume her decision. And by doing so, she just made everyone surround her circle live harder than before and I totally blame her for that. I no longer like Tatiana.

How about the plot? No. It just repeatition over and over gain. Tatiana and Alexander took a walk, chatting, Alexander having dinner, took a walk, dinner, took a walk, dinner other than made Tatiana flutter herself and Tatiana talking about the route in Russia like she was describing a map in front of me that I didn't get it. 

. I feel like I have been reading this page, the scene is almost the same, the conversation is just a little bit different, I check the page and realize it's not. That's how I feel. 

I don't like the characters at all and the thing that has been a major turn off for me is the square romance. I can't accept the facts that there are too many repeated scenes.