Book Review : The Memory of Lost Dreams

The Memory of Lost Dreams
by Davon M Custis

Genre : Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Pages : 222
Series : Zara's Resistance Saga #1
Goodreads rating : 4.50
My rating :

Malik Soules has never seen such an amazing sight. There lay the city of Imperia: gutted, destroyed, cracked with broken windows, every skyscraper rose slanted within this deep underground cavern. 

What happened to this place so long ago? 

He accidentally stumbles upon a machine called REQUIEM. By mistake, it sends him into a strange new world: where futuristic technology rules and sheer terror fills the hearts of ordinary citizens. 

He can't seem to escape this nightmarish dream!

This book is about a boy named Malik who left his village after got the label 'traitor'  and start to wonder around the forest for such a long time. Then, he discovered a strange dark cave and decided to check it out. But there's something inside that was beyond his expectation and it was not something to be expected in such a deserted place. There, his adventurous journey began. 

At first, it was pretty hard to catch up with what was actually happening with the world set-up. It was confusing sometimes as it is a very very/ extremely high sci-fi fiction novel with high-tech spread all over the streets.In Malik's dreams, he stumbled upon various years back before a massive war exploded and destroy the Imperia country/kingdom which once was ruled by  powerful a government.  

I love the writing style so much. It is full with various vocabs with non-repeated words. The scenes and actions were all greatly explain and seems like you are trapped inside , watching them happened right in front of you. They were all succesfull projected in my mind and transform my nerve body system to make it feel real. 

The plot is brilliant and spectacular. As you know, fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian are my favourite genre of all times and of course my shelves are full with those kind of books but genuinely I rarely find a sci-fi story as high as this book. ( or maybe I have not read much books ). But this is different, it is like when you refresh your google chrome tabs and something else pop-up instead. But in this case, it is like you refresh all of the sci-fi stories in your brain and this book gives you a new taste of sci-fi. Okay that's a bad comparison by the way.

But then, the ending left me in such a cliffhanger situation. I started to freak-out when realizing there's only 20+ pages left while the action seems no shorter to be end. Well, believe me.. the author is not cruel because there's another sequel! I would love to continue the journey with Malik and see where the story goes on, what happened to Zara, Rachel, Jerry-Pierre ( I don't remember how to pronounce it right ) and of course, will he and Archer manage to escape from the dreams.

There's this explanation in a library book in this story mentioning about the war and country history with all years lining in the passage and it is too detail that I found a bit bored and discombobulated. The scientific explanation regarding the REQUIEM system is too genius for me to deal with it that somehow Im wondering wether the author used to be a scientist before. Well, that are the two major reasons that make one star fall upon from my rating. Other than that, there's nothing serious bug crawling over the story. no love-triangle and whatsoever.

I enjoyed this book as much as other popular dystopian books and it was really good! If you are a science student go deal with the scientific explanation and try to make an inovation with your science project. you are taking a history major? check out the historical events because you may mix it up with your test papers. okay. no. joking. don't take it seriously.