Hey there, What's up? I am Syira.
I am an eighteen-years old ( female ) and I'm full-time student in Malaysia. Never heard that? Have you ever heard of Kuala Lumpur? That's where I am practically living. Or to make it clearer Malaysia is situated next to Singapore. Near Indonesia and Thailand. Am I just promoting my country?

I have dreams and desires. One of  them is travelling in wide dimension. I wish to troll around the globe and cross the sentence 'travel-around-the-world' on my notebook before I die. Hahah. Things to do before you die!
I have  the opportunities to visit oversea just three times througthout my life and planning to expand the field. Once in Bandung, Indonesia and twice in Seoul, Korea. I yearned to breath in the air in europe but the fate do not meet me yet. As for now, I am saving for studies and stuffs.

So, what does my lack of travel has to do with my blog? Well,  my country just offers us with two seasons and I am keen for feeling the white cold cotton melting in my hands. And the petals! Lucky for me I am fond of reading. blogs,books,mags,quora..etc. But the one that really give me the sense of  truth is obviously books. They bring me to  hell lot of places in europe, while I am trying to draw the picture. I met people, sometimes I consider them as friends although we never have exchange our names.And some are added to my boyfriend lists which ludicrously make me unavailable. 

It is not just because of my obsession with europe, because they also introduce me into places that does not even exist in the Earth. I beat Neil Amstrong for landing my 'imaginary feet' on Nexus. I even have already boarding Icarus spaceship which I am sure I can't afford. Hey books can be use as a time-travel-machine too.Scientist are too slow. Isn't that cool?

Happy,joy,melancholy,fear,scare,anger,eager and other feelings I have been through are beautiful. Despite the fact that somehow they are too bitter to swallow I find them exquisite as I don't get them in reality. I don't want all of this journeys to vanish into thin air right after I finish it. I want to cherish them and appreciate them as much as I can. So, I made this blog where I can jot down all of my voyage as a memory lane of being freest. 

Am I being too long? I didn't realize how much I have been writing but that was the true blue of mine. Please note that English is not my first language as you may find  accidental errors. I am working on it and struggling to polish to the extent from time to time. 
Feel free to approach/follow/comment me. You are also my friend although we have ever meet yet.